A Few Useful Eye Exercises

Exercise is important for all parts of the body. It becomes even more necessary to practise eye exercises for conditions such as the lazy eye syndrome, eye strain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, tired eyes, struggles in binocular vision, crossed eyes, double vision and the need to strengthen the eye muscles. The benefits have been said to improve general vision and keep the system healthy.

The exercises involve movements of the eye, focusing of vision, eye muscle strengthening as well as stimulation of the brain’s vision center. Done regularly they will enhance fitness of the eye and improve vision clarity, focusing and tone eye muscles making them stronger.

Some of these exercises include:


This tidies up the optical surface. It sweeps away any debris while flushing a wave of fresh tears over the surface. By doing this, infections are curbed, the ocular surface clears and images become brighter. Nutrients are pulled to the same surface enhancing good healthy eyes.

To perform this exercise you should sit comfortably with eyes open, blink rapidly 10 times, close your eyes and relax about 20 seconds then repeat this 5 times.


This is meant to enhance overall vision as well as tone and strengthen the ocular muscles. It concentrates on near and far viewing. It can be done in a number of ways that allow your vision to shift from near to far objects periodically. An example is to sit in a comfortable position in full view of the outside from a window, focus on your nose tip for 5 to 10 seconds, switch to an object in the horizon for the next 5 to 10 seconds and repeat around 20 times. Finally, close your eyes and relax.


This is meant to momentarily rest both the eyes as well as the mind thereby alleviating strain. It is done by sitting snugly and gently closing the eyes. They are then covered with palms without any exertion of pressure on them. You should hold this position for five minutes or longer. Longer periods yield more relaxation.


This is another great focus enhancing and optical muscle toning workout. Its operational mechanism is in the alternate zooming in and out of an image a couple of times. It works by first comfortably sitting and drawing out your hand with the thumb pointed upwards. Maintain your vision focus on the thumb as you gradually bring it to 3 inches of your face while holding that focus. Hold for a short while and stretch the arm again maintaining focus. This workout can be done a couple of times a day.

Figure eight

This is a muscle flexibility enhancing eye workout. It basically involves eye wrestling with the number 8 playing on both the imagination and movement. You imagine a huge number 8 digit some 10 feet in front of you. Twirl this digit on its side slowly tracing the digit with your eyes. Maintain this for some minutes then turn the digit on the other side.

There are many other eye workouts some of them even yoga based but generally include up and down viewing, sideways and rotational moving and so on. Done a few minutes each day these exercises will improve your optical health.