A Few Tips To Take Care of Your Eyes

I developed an eye problem when I was eleven years old and since then I have been on contact lenses for the better part of my life. To avoid such a situation like mine it is important to learn how to take good care of our eyes.Protecting your eyesight is the most important thing you can do to help maintain the quality of life considering the risk of vision loss increases with age.


To protect your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy it important to consider the following simple guide:

1. Have regular check ups for diabetes and high blood pressure. Our bodies are prone to many diseases and both diabetes and high blood pressure can cause damage to our eyes if not treated early.

2. Do not smoke. People who smoke are at greater risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts and dry eye syndrome and diabetic retinopathy. Cataract is clouding of the eye`s natural lens and is a leading cause of blindness among the smokers.Research shows that more than 50% of Americans will have cataracts or have had surgery to remove it.

3. Visit an optician after every two years. A comprehensive eye exam will determine your risk for major eye diseases as well as ensure that your prescription for eyeglasses is up to date.Diseases such as diabetic retinopathy have no early signs.

4. Protection against harmful UV light. If your eyes are exposed to an excessive amount of UV light over a short while you may experience photokeratitis-sunburn of the eye- which may be painful symptoms include red eyes.Long term exposure to UV light may lead to the development of cataracts and may cause damage to the retina.

5. Always eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration.Foods rich in antioxidants are helpful in reducing the risk of cataract and are mainly found in dark green vegetables and fruits.Foods rich in vitamin A are helpful too in reducing infections in the eyes.

6. Be aware of Family health history as it may be a contributing factor to eye defects. Find out if any of your family members suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure since they are hereditary in nature.

7. Workout or exercise more frequently. Studies have shown that regular exercise reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by 70%.Most people don’t exercise often and when age catches up it becomes worse.

8. Wear safety glasses when working with tools or when you are participating in active sports such as shooting.This measure prevents eye injuries which may be a result of total vision loss or when in extreme death.

9. Don’t wear contact lenses for too long. Opticians recommend that you should not wear contact lenses for more than 19 hours.This can cause permanent sight damage.Your eyes need regular supply of oxygen which the lenses block.

The measure on how to take care of your eyes may not guarantee perfect vision throughout your life but maintaining proper lifestyle may help in decreasing the development of vision threatening problems that you could have taken care of early when you had a chance.